Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 2 - Sick day

Day 2 – March 9, 2012
The day started with the lot of pain in the throat and I realized that my voice is gone (mike testing hell hello).. yes this is the horrendous form of the sour throat I have from past one day… Woke up 20 min before the morning class… gargling being the most critical activity before leaving room for the class… and guess what I have to take an interview for an NVP assignment and few phone calls regarding the same. Sonali gave me a voice over in almost all the one to one talks I was supposed to do (I was just standing besides giving expressions). The day spended sleeping over the drug-after-effects courtesy - Benadryl, Amoxycillin, Strepsils  & Honey J
Wherein, I decided I will be putting all my interesting activities with each passing day in the college, the blog started with a sick day L anyhow bad start always give a good ending. Lets see what next 22 days has in store for me.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Here goes my first post in my blog.. with 23 days remaining in the completion of MBA from great lakes institute of management.. i would dedicate one post everyday capturing the interesting moments from my day. Then later on, following up with giving up real shape to the blog by giving justice to the name.. Astitva..